Join the Elmbridge LibDem Lottery

For a chance of winning £££ and contributing to our campaign funds 

What is it?
A club to raise funds for local campaigning. It enables participants to donate regularly to the party whilst having the opportunity of winning big prizes. Many local Lib Dem parties run similar clubs.

How does it work?
Participants subscribe a monthly amount. Half of the money received is awarded as a prize. The rest goes to campaign funds.

What is the value of the monthly prize?
This depends on the amount of money donated. If there are 50 participants (this is less than 10% of our Elmbridge membership) each subscribing £5 per month, the prize will be £125. And the club would also be funding 2 Focus leaflets for distribution throughout the Borough annually!

How do I join?
Subscription by Standing Order is our preferred option, but you can also subscribe by Debit/Credit Card. We are asking for £5 per month or multiples of £5 per month. Click on your preferred method for details. Participants must be 16 or over but do not need to be members or supporters.

What are the detailed rules?
The rules are here.

What if I have questions?
Please email us at [email protected].